Weekend Adventures: Thanksgiving, Green Curry, and Bunnies!

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It’s December already? Where has this year gone, for real? I know we say that every year, but seriously. It’s insane. Thanksgiving is already over. Speaking of Thanksgiving, I’m pretty thankful for the past extended weekend I just had – my first real break from work in more than half a year! 

Okay, well there was that one time I went to Austin and stuff. But that was like, ages ago. September. That’s almost half a year! But anyways, I digress – this past weekend was full of adventures and a lot of food.

I started it off by baking Kal blueberry muffins from scratch for our anniversary. They turned out excellent – and rather healthy! (for a muffin) I substituted unsweetened applesauce in lieu of oil and butter, and the texture was just amazing! Speaking of food – I’m attempting to explore the baking side a bit more. I’m really into french pastries, and though they seem a bit intimidating, I feel like I can do it. Though I’ve never had any formal lessons or pass me downs, I suspect I’m quite the culinary genius. I can really follow directions!

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After meeting up with Kal, we spent the majority of the day/night in a bunny whirlwind – we really really wanted bunnies and were determined to find some to adopt. We ended up lucking out and finding two adorable ones – a Netherland dwarf and a Holland Lop. Naturally, I picked the lop (I mean, those ears! Squee!) and named her Teela. Yes, after this Teela:


Kal named his Andromeda, which is a pretty sick name if you ask me. It’s his first pet of all time, so he was a little nervous, but took to it naturally. We arranged for a pick-up on Friday, so we could get everything prepared beforehand.

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Later that Wednesday night, we went to this really nice French restaurant for our anni dinner. I was in heaven – escargot, wine, lots and lots of bread and butter, peppercorn steak, frites. I’m drooling right now just recallling it.

The next day we spent Thanksgiving at his family’s, where we were delighted with dance parties with his nieces and nephews and enjoyed a delicious brunch. After Kal and I went home, we spent the rest of the night blasting music and having our own dance party. This consisted of us doing our kung fu forms to the beat of the music. Videos of these performances are not for public consumption.

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The remainder of the weekend entailed picking up the bunnies, walking around Forest Hills, frolicking in bookstores and making green curry from scratch! And let me tell you, it was a total success. It took awhile, but everything managed to come out top notch – and spicy as all hell. I’m overcoming my intolerance for spiciness, so  I was able to fully enjoy it.

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Hope your Thanksgiving weekends were swell!

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