Weekend Adventures: Renegade Craft Fair, Fall Foliage and Fine Dining

photo 1 (1)Since most of my adventures take place on the weekends, I’ve decided to make a series of it! By most, I usually mean all. Kung Fu takes up a good chunk of my week nights (3 out of 4) and the other day I use to catch up on being a responsible adult.

facebook_logoAnyways, this past weekend was a lot of fun. Besides having to work the entire Sunday, my partner in crime, Kal, and I managed to make the best out of Saturday. After finally sleeping in, we made our way to the Renegade Craft Fair in the city  – which boasted over 200 booths of indie creators in a single place. Sounded like heaven to me.


(I poached this image from official website)

The place was packed. I mean, seriously packed. Con level packed. But it held its promise – there were tons of booths sporting homemade goods. It was like a living Etsy. And about 100 of them were candle and soap booths. Not that I’m complaining – my hands smelled like a conglomerate of vanilla and cinnamon for an entire six hours afterward.

photo 2 (1)

I ended up buying only one thing. ONE THING. (Yeah, I don’t know what got into me. I attribute it to being a responsible adult. That’s me, responsible). The one thing I purchased though was the absolute most adorable thing called a Jam Jar – it’s a pie in a jar! A very tiny, cute, little, jar with a ribbon around it. Kal bought one as well, for his mom. He also ended up buying one of those hilariously-named teas in the picture above. I’m not a huge tea person, yet, but I can appreciate the quirkiness of such.

Speaking of me not being a tea person, that’s a funny tale. You see, I thought I was allergic for like the longest time ever but now I can’t really remember if I actually was allergic or just said I was because I didn’t like the taste. I did this with coconut too. And yogurt. Regardless, I’ve since tried three different types of tea and haven’t died yet. In fact, I kind of liked one. Apparently it’s an acquired taste. So I’m in the process of acquiring. So far, so good. I’m at 36% acquirement.

photo 3 (1)

After the fair, we walked around and hit up a couple art stores, where I salivated and eye-sparkled and Kal bravely withstood my excitement while being bored to tears.

Oh! And before we even left for the fair, we drove around my area in Queens for a bit to check out the fall foliage in my neighborhood. I am absolutely obsessed with fall foliage. I now can never live in a place that doesn’t have it. I grew up in Texas and don’t quite remember ever seeing trees of this color, so it’s a relatively new experience for me. I’m obsessed.


After the afternoon activities, Kal and I met up with his family for a birthday celebration at The Mark hotel. And, I mean, whoa was it fancy – check out that pic of the lobby above. We ate at the restaurant by Jean-Georges and every single thing I put into my mouth was FANTASTIC. Delicious. Wonderful. And I got to dress up all fancy and wear a shawl and everything. Not to mention meet the rest of his family. A swimmingly good time!*

*use of english accent

Aaaand that’s all. Pretty good for a one day weekend!

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