Toy Chest: Skeletor Hikari Sofubi

photo 1 (13)One of my favorite things I purchased from NYCC this past year was this Skeletor hikari sofubi figure from Funko. I’ve been eyeing the various sofubi figures that Funko’s been releasing for some time (including buying that silver and blue Batman one) and have held off for the most part until I saw the Skeletor one. Eeeeek!

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There are five different colorways for this¬†Skeletor figure (unless I’m missing one, which is totally possible) and even though it was really hard to choose which one I wanted, as soon as I laid eyes on this purple and blue sparklefest¬†I knew it was for me.

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Here’s the official description:

This Masters of the Universe Skeletor Havoc Skeletor Hikari Sofubi Vinyl Figure is a limited edition of only 2,000 pieces worldwide and comes individually numbered. He-Man’s arch-nemesis stands 6-inches tall and features a wide array of colors, from his trademark purple hood, black soulless eyes, silver glitter skull face, purple armor, clear blue body, fading to the white at the bottom of his hands and feet. Havoc Skeletor Hikari Sofubi Vinyl comes packaged in a window box for easy display.

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I’ve kept it in the box for a couple of months until I couldn’t take it anymore and had to touch and feel him for myself. Okay, that sounded a little bad. But, it’s Skeletor.

Out of the box, the figure’s pretty lightweight (like most sofubis), a little sticky (again, like most sofubis) and quite sparkly (like a few sofubis). The paint job is superb and the colors are extremely bright and shiny. It also stands on its own quite nicely, which is a plus for me. The size is also just right: not too big or too small at six inches. That’s, um, what she said?

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I probably shouldn’t rate the figures I decide to blog on, since I’m biased and already loved them enough to buy them, but I will anyways. So…

Skeletor Hikari Sofubi Figure: 9/10.


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