Style Icon: Julie Newmar as Catwoman

fc85b1a2bd3e04479699fc979eeb5233There have been many characters that I’ve longed to emulate over the course of my life, but none could ever hold water to the Ultimate Style Icon According to Melissa: Julie Newmar as Catwoman.44949-cat-woman-julie-newmar-catwoman
If it wasn’t for Batman, I wouldn’t be the wonderful Melissa you know and love today. I’d like to tell you a little story about how I came to love Catwoman as a character.Julie-with-catsbatmannewmarKGrHqFq8FE1CqqP3zBRfoK8lWWg60_57_zpse85c2376Once upon a time, a young Melissa was bored and happened upon the Batman TV series. She was subsequently blown away. Who were these amazingly weird characters and why am I oddly attracted to them? Though I enjoyed the show, I was actually too young to really appreciate it. However, it was my experience with the Tim Burton movies that spawned the obsessive interest in Batman. (Obsessive? Yes. My first tattoo, 10 years ago, was a Batman one.)julie-newmar-catwomanBatman Returns was my favorite movie growing up (and is still one of them to this day) and was largely responsible for getting me into comics in the first place. I thought Michelle’s Catwoman was the absolute coolest thing ever and wanted to be like her when I grew up. (Also, this explains everything about my personality). Cue four Halloweens in a row dressing up as her. She was everything I wanted to be, and more. Plus, she got to flirt with Batman while being a total badass and keep him on his toes. 95a31f68da2a062756e69699ea8abd64Anyways, after I was already obsessed with the character of Catwoman, I revisited the TV series. And holy. Shit. Was this Catwoman the most perfect woman you’ve ever seen in your entire life or what? Her costume was flawless. She was tall, statuesque, gorgeous, sexy, elegant. She was classy. Domineering. Sassy. She controlled tigers. She was the ideal.

Newmar-Julie_01A few years later, I still remain by the fact that she’s the best Catwoman of all time (followed very closely by Michelle’s). Her style is the aesthetic perfection. How can you not love anything made in the 60s anyways? (Also, you’ll notice my profile image on this very site is none other than me dressing as her. Which I need to do again, obviously.)newmar-04Hey look, it’s me as Catwoman!522012_10103796951944740_479218006_nAdditionally, now that we finally get the TV show on dvd/bluray, a wide assortment of statues and figures have also become available and oh my god, I need EVERYTHING. My three most prized possessions are the SDCC 2013 Batusi exclusive figure, the Mondo poster pictured below (which is hanging up in my living room) and the STUNNING Sideshow statue pictured after that (which I preordered and is delivering soon ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!). Ken-Taylor-Catwoman-Julie-Newmar-Poster-Mondo-Movie-Variant-Green902188-catwoman-003Anyways, there you have it. Julie Newmar as Catwoman: The Ultimate Style Icon. There were so many great pictures, I  decided to include a few more for you  below. Enjoy!julie-newmar-catwoman-1400d9c8c94405c4884380d388d64fd8095b4bfa1984a96d1b5205884754aa0e27e9e6de108258c5f8e5aeeeba30e1c59286Julie-Newmar-as-CatWomanarticle-2510367-1987A7E900000578-543_634x822SWScan00029 catwoman_newmar_purrfect_crime Julie_Newmar_Catwoman_Batman_1966 julie-newmar-as-catwoman-in-ac2a0publicityc2a0portrait-for-thec2a0batmanc2a0tv-series-1960s     newmar-071e6e89da0b54e8767bf151201a5488c0


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