Style Icon: Barbarella

379191  Ladies and gents, behold: the infamous Queen of the Galaxy, Barbarella!


Besides my obsession with the 80s, I’m also super keen on the 1960s – everything from their fashion, music and art sends crazy love pulses to my heart.


Enter Barbarella, a late 1960s psychedelic sc-fi cult classic that features a stunning 30 year-old Jane Fonda. She plays an intergalactic space agent who must stop the evil Durand-Durand, amidst tons of sex and a little violence. (Sidenote: Duran Duran apparently acquired their name after this mad scientist in the movie!) It’s a crazy mind-bending sexual romp in space, basically. But the best part? Barbarella’s outrageously sexy costumes. Cosplay aspirations.


Seriously, how could you go wrong in a movie that boasts death by orgasm?

barbarella (1)

Style perfection.


Also, this.




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