Cross Country Couture: Not Your Dolls


Happy November, dolls!

Yes, it’s me, your favorite worst blogger ever, finally returning with a BRAND NEW POST! I hope you’re just as excited as I am. I’ve decided to kick-start my blog with a soft redesign and a shiny new feature–Cross Country Couture!

Since I have relocated all the way back to Texas (sniff), my best friend Kristin (who’s in New York) and I have decided on a super fun way to close the distance digitally: we’re choosing an item we both love and then having mini photoshoots in our respective states! It’s bloody brilliant–and an amazing excuse to buy cute things! Not that I needed any, of course. (This also helps with the whole “I miss my best friend and I’m thousands of miles away” thing.)

Our first entry in the series begins with this amazing Valley of the Dolls inspired shirt we snagged over at Wild Fox. We’re both equally obsessed with the overall aesthetic of the film (and the book as well!), so doing a 1960s inspired shoot was a no-brainer. We both had a ton of fun prepping for the photos and coming up with all these neat ideas for execution. I don’t have a fancy camera yet or anything and actually this is my first REAL photoshoot (“real”, heh) so please bear with my amateur additions. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Cross Country Couture: Not Your Dolls

  1. Love this idea of having a collab between two friends who are far away! My best friends moved from NY to VA a few years ago. You guys look so awesome by the way!

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