January Reflections~

photo 1 (10)I usually hate January because it’s cold and grey and I experience post-holiday traumatic stress disorder, but this one rocked. I was eager to move past the holidays for obvious reasons and being able to work from home curbed the whole ‘being cold all the time’ thing. I’ve had lots of fun times and made some lovely new friends. And bought a lot of books. The Melissa you once knew is almost back.

As far as the break-up is concerned, I’ve made many strides in moving past it. For the most part, I am past it. I’m pretty resilient. And honestly? I’m much happier now than I was during the last couple months of the relationship. There are still times where I remember something or get lonely and miss him, but knowing that he’s kind of a bad person helps to get over those weak moments. And him cancelling his kung fu membership was the best news I’ve heard in weeks. It was bittersweet, in actuality, since it was lovely being able to share that with someone on a romantic level (read: practicing together half dressed) but also necessary. This way, it’s mine, all mine. It was mine before him and it will continue to be afterwards.

I’ve been on a total of two dates and both were kind of a bust. One of them took over my entire Sunday which I treasure as my one true “me” day, so I  was annoyed. And he was short. Like 5″9. I settled for a short guy in my last relationship and look where that got me. Kidding, kidding. Anyways, the second guy was cool but I wasn’t really feeling it. Though I did find some neat new bars in Queens because of him!

Anyways. I shine when something really shitty happens. I think I need resistance in order to really flourish. Give me a challenge, and I’ll thrive. That’s when I make the most positive life-changing decisions. And I have. I’ve started the process of finishing grad school, for real (and found the coolest program – emerging infectious diseases). I’ve regularly updated my blog. I’ve been learning new programs and improving my design skills. I’m working on my novel. I’ve jumped back into kung fu 100%. I was interviewed for the first time as a medical illustrator by a major publication. I started really saving for Paris/London/Japan. And finally, it goes without saying that my baking skills are now dynamite(ly) sub-par.

Pretty soon I’ll be : Melissa Kay; Artist. Lover. Dreamer. Fighter. Scientist. Domestic Goddess. Master of the Universe.

And it’s only January. 2015, you are my bitch.

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