Confused? Lost? Bored? Let me help you out.

Since I’m so busy and important*, I’ve decided to take some precious time out of my day and provide a well to do FAQ for all my precious, adoring fans**. Read at your own risk. Or curiosity. Because curiosity killed the cat, and I like cats, and a few times I dressed up as Catwoman. Where was I going with this? Oh, right. Frequently asked questions. Let’s begin!

*Napping; watching Terminator; eating pizza
**People I’ve bribed into visiting my site; exboyfriends; my mother

What should I do on this blog?
Read it & chill.

How do I find a particular post?
There’s a “search” box on the menu bar! I’m so helpful!

How can I find types of posts?
Check the category section to the right.

I’m confused about where you really live. New York? California? Texas? The Normandy? Eternia? Earth-2? Please explain.
No. Do I look like I want any stalkers? Also, do you read the about section? Do you? I mean, really? Do you?

What are your favorite movies? Favorite super-heroes? Favorite bands? Etc?
Um, does it look like we’re on some kind of first date? I guess I could spend all my time listing out these things, or I could make myself a bowl of cereal. Those Lucky Charms are looking mighty delicious…

Sidenote: My favorites are easily detectable by what I post on my tumblr and on here.

Do you take commissions? What do you do? Who are you?
Wow, you really like my art? I mean, really?! I’m honestly so flattered. Yes, I take commissions, but I can assure you that they will probably not be nearly as good as all the amazing artists I post on my tumblr. 😉 However, if you really want one, I’d be happy to oblige! As for the other parts to your question: Read. My. About. Section.

How did you become so mecha?
I woke up like this.

Are you single? Do you mingle? Do you like me?
Please see the below equation for qualification:

A – you are a scruffy-looking nerf herder
B – you are a human resistance soldier from the future
C – you happen to wield a Mjolnir
D – you are an incredible Big Dick Richie Stripping To Nine Inch Nails look-alike
E – you are anybody else

If you are A, B, C, or D then yes, yes, I love you.
If you are A + B, C, or D then yes, yes, marry me.
If you are B + C or D then yes, yes, duh.
If you are C + D then yes, yes, definitely.
If you are E; E + anything, then no, no, probably not.

How tall are you really?
4’11 and 3/4ths!

Are you for sale?

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