As you have indeed guessed, I am well and truly back in the world of blogging! Hurrah! I’ve since thoroughly cleaned up some of the posts still left on the site to make way for new adventures. By *some*, I mean, I left one post (besides my other ‘intro’ post). And I mean, it was difficult to do even that. 2013 is so…..last year. I’m hilarious.

Anyways, hence forth! Time to blog. Also, I’m really old now. Like, I could have had a litter of kids by now AND attended my high school reunion. Okay, okay…not THAT old. I’m still pretty young and vibrant.

Bye first post!

On Robocops and Remakes…


With the launch of the new Robocop trailer, I thought I’d shed some light on a couple of strong opinions I share on the subject and on remakes in general. First, let’s make a few things clear. I’m not 100% against remakes. I’m not a complete hater. However, I am a purist, especially when it comes to my specific childhood nostalgia. Taking something that I grew up on, that shaped my personality and helped to form my interests in the years to come – taking that, and ‘redo-ing’ it, kind of breaks my heart. I remembered watching it when I was younger, not quite understanding what was going on, but knowing that I loved it anyways. The older I got, the more I loved it.

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Breaking the Seal

Once upon a time, I had a blog. It was a cute blog. A tiny blog. A blog full of zombies and news and really pretty pictures. Well anyways, through this little blog I met other little bloggers and together we formed a coalition OF FRIENDSHIP. This friendship was so awesome, in fact, that I completely neglected said blog and ventured onto the sunny beaches of California and the cold, unforgiving streets of New York. There I played. There I adventured. And there I longed to start up another blog. So, without further ado, I give to you…

This. Hi. Hello. Welcome. Here is my first post on my shiny, sparkly new blog! I hope you enjoy your stay! Really! I hope you enjoy it! Are you enjoying it yet?