Hello, dear readers! It’s been awhile since I’ve swam upon these blogging shores, but as the year draws to a close, the self-indulgent, list-obsessive completist in me has once again decided to take a tiny dip back in.

Look–I’m not going to bore you with a tedious, wordy intro on how goddamn awful 2016 was, and conversely, how the very opposite of that awful was reflected in it’s entertainment output–but I amĀ going to instead include quite a few “Melissa’s Best Of” lists to make up for that. Bear in mind that these are MY favorites, not necessarily the best of–and if I left off one of YOUR best of’s, that’s just too damn bad. This was stressful enough as is without worrying what would people would think when I left off THE WITCH. But hi! Thanks for reading this anyways. I like you. Continue reading