Hello, dear readers! It’s been awhile since I’ve swam upon these blogging shores, but as the year draws to a close, the self-indulgent, list-obsessive completist in me has once again decided to take a tiny dip back in.

Look–I’m not going to bore you with a tedious, wordy intro on how goddamn awful 2016 was, and conversely, how the very opposite of that awful was reflected in it’s entertainment output–but I amĀ going to instead include quite a few “Melissa’s Best Of” lists to make up for that. Bear in mind that these are MY favorites, not necessarily the best of–and if I left off one of YOUR best of’s, that’s just too damn bad. This was stressful enough as is without worrying what would people would think when I left off THE WITCH. But hi! Thanks for reading this anyways. I like you. Continue reading


As you have indeed guessed, I am well and truly back in the world of blogging! Hurrah! I’ve since thoroughly cleaned up some of the posts still left on the site to make way for new adventures. By *some*, I mean, I left one post (besides my other ‘intro’ post). And I mean, it was difficult to do even that. 2013 is so…..last year. I’m hilarious.

Anyways, hence forth! Time to blog. Also, I’m really old now. Like, I could have had a litter of kids by now AND attended my high school reunion. Okay, okay…not THAT old. I’m still pretty young and vibrant.

Bye first post!