Baked By The Other Melissa: Profiteroles (Choux a la Creme)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset In which, I showcase my culinary triumphs and failures while I hone my skills as a baker/cook/pâtissière.

This is a bit of a retro post since I baked these a little over a month ago, but I was so proud of them that I thought I’d share my experience!

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This was my first true experience baking a French pastry, and it wasn’t as hard as I feared it would be (except for one mishap). I started off by making the basic pâte à choux – spending hours upon hours (read: about 20 minutes) trying to find THE perfect recipe for achieving the most successful version. I finally used a modified one I found in my Art of The French Pastry book.

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Everything was going fine until I reached the “piping” stage. I skimped on buying truly worthy pasty bags and instead used a cheap, generic plastic one that was advertised for icing. Big. Mistake. After a few piped chouxs, the pastry bag exploded. I was a doughy, sticky mess.

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I also lost a good chunk of my dough to the floor. I managed to salvage what I could and scooped the rest directly onto the baking sheets. I was really sad and disappointed, but it’s a good lesson in baking (especially French ones): don’t skimp on good supplies!

Luckily the pastry cream was a bit easier to pipe through, which I managed on about three of the choux, successfully. Hence why you only see three in the picture. But hey, those three are fantastic!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI then made a glaze with some food coloring and garnished the profiteroles with blueberries. Magnifique! Overall, I’d say these weren’t too hard to make but I definitely recommend using the right kind of pastry bags if you’re planning on piping them.

Profiteroles: 7/10  Would bake again with the right supplies

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