2015 in Favorites!

Say what you will about 2015, but we’ve had some damn fine entertainment. So fine, in fact, that some of its turnout has landed it’s way into my top favorite lists of ALL TIME EVER. I know that I tend to obsess and say that everything’s my favorite, but trust me when I say that this year–everything is my favorite. I’m still experiencing heart-eyes when I think of some of the movies I watched or books I read.

Stand out moments: screaming in unadulterated joy and satisfaction at Mad Max, quoting What We Do In The Shadows relentlessly, crying in total elation and emotion at The Force Awakens, and finally seeing Ghost live.

Anyways, without further ado, I give to you…my favorites of 2015.


movies1. Mad Max: Fury Road, 2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, 3. What We Do In The Shadows, 4. Final Girls, 5. Ex Machina, 6. It Follows, 7. Kingsman, 8. Magic Mike XXL, 9. Krampus, 10. The Martian, 11. A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, 12. Turbo Kid, 13. Spring, 14. The Guest, 15. Crimson Peak

2015 marked the year in which I majored in Solo Movie Watching. I’ve been to the movies by myself before, but not often, and I didn’t use to prefer it. However, I soon realized that I was missing out on half of the movies I wanted to see (because friends didn’t want to see them/were busy and/or I was single) and this bothered me. So I changed that mindset and took myself out on a movie date almost every week that I could. It was fabulous and now I’m addicted to it. Never again will I miss out on a movie!

This was a hard list to narrow down, because I truly enjoyed SO many films. A couple I included actually came out at the tail end of 2014, but I didn’t see them until this year so I put ’em in the list. There were tons I liked a lot, like Bone Tomahawk, Deathgasm, Goosebumps, We Are Still Here, and The Visit, but I had to end it somewhere. Can you tell I have a favorite genre? Can you?


books1. A Court of Thorn and Roses, 2. The Name of The Wind, 3. Crown of Midnight, 4. The Wrath and The Dawn, 5. The Wicked + Divine Vol. 2, 6. Uprooted, 7. ApocalyptiGirl, 8. Helter Skelter, 9. The Rook, 10. Vicious

I didn’t make my reading goal this year (only read a little over 50) which was due in large part to moving states, losing that treasured reading time when commuting and going through down periods…..but those I did read, I LOVED A LOT. As in, True Love. The theme this year seemed to evolve around retellings of fairy tales, specifically Beauty and The Beast (and Bluebeard) and I couldn’t get enough. I’m still thinking about The Wrath and The Dawn. It was one of those books that I had a hard time getting over–I kept rereading the last few pages and would just lie on my bed, hand clutching at my aching heart and cry. Just ugh. So good.

TV Shows

tv1. Rick and Morty, 2. Jessica Jones, 3. Parks and Rec, 4. Daredevil, 5. Halt and Catch Fire, 6. Mr. Robot, 7. Master of None, 8. Scream Queens

I fail at TV watching this year. I’m behind on nearly everything and have missed out on Super Important Ones like Ash vs Evil Dead et al, but the ones I did manage to catch, I liked a lot. I didn’t include Making A Murderer, but I also really enjoyed that. The season finales I caught were perfect–I’m still thinking about Parks & Rec. Also: Rick and Morty is actually My New Favorite Show Of All Time. Sidenote–if you haven’t watched Halt and Catch Fire, you should. It’s like Hackers in the 80s. Kinda.


music1. Gunship, 2. John Carpenter’s Lost Themes, 3. Ghost: Meliora, 4. Health: Death Magic, 5. Power Glove: Ep II, 6. TesseracT: Polaris, 7. Public Service Broadcasting: The Race For Space, 8. Jamie XX: In Colour, 9. Iron Maiden: Book of Souls, 10. Baroness: Purple, 11. Skylar Spence: Prom King, 12. The Soft Moon: Deeper

I’ve left off some noticeable records from this list–namely, all the wonderful soundtracks that were released with some of my favorite films. I thought it repetitive to include them, but it goes without saying that The Guest, It Follows, Turbo Kid, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night & Mad Max have utterly PHENOMENAL soundtracks. 2015 in general was pretty great for music releases–I’ve discovered loads of new bands and albums thanks to my new best friend, Spotify Discover Weekly Playlist. Honestly, it knows me better than my therapist. If all technology was this thoughtfully sentient, I’d support Skynet 100%. (Kyle Reese is an added bonus). Yay singularity!


games1. Dragon Age: Inquisition, 2. Star Wars Battlefront, 3. Rise of The Tomb Raider

Oh, god. It’s embarrassing to admit I only really played through three games this year. And I didn’t even finish 2/3 of them. Who even am I? I guess this is what it’s like to be a Real Adult. Anyways, I have the new Fallout, Witcher 3 and the new Batman that I will surely add to this list once I find the time to start playing them. Whatever, Dragon Age is bae and Cullen is forever. <3

I was going to make a toy section, but I got weak. Shruuuuug.

And that’s it, pretty much! What were some of your favorites?


4 thoughts on “2015 in Favorites!

  1. I only saw one of your favorite movies (Star Wars obv) lol I am such a movie failure! Yes yes yes to your first four books you listed! I still have to read Vicious at some point this year because it’s one of VE Schwab’s only books that I haven’t read and Uprooted! Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Parks and Rec would also make my TV list! I would also add Flash, Over the Garden Wall and Gilmore Girls since I’m in the middle of binge-watching it. And I really want to try Battlefront because the graphics look beautiful!

    • Hahaha, it’s okay because I totally failed at video games and TV. I almost put Gilmore Girls too since I watched the last 2 seasons in January! I plan on starting The Flash pretty soon, just because I keep hearing such good things. And yes, you need to read Vicious and Uprooted ASAP! <3

    • Mel gave me so many good movie recommendations this year! I still have to watch Spring, Mad Max and It Follows though.

      And read Uprooted! =)

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